Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of organizing estate details while living.

Common objectives for estate planning can include easing administration and settlement of an estate, ensuring heirs are taken care of (wellbeing and/or financial), minimizing probate and final taxes for an estate.

An individual wishing to plan for their estate normally does so with help from professionals such as lawyers, accountants, financial planners and insurance agents (to name a few).

Common Estate Planning Questions

How do you cover a significant tax liability upon death ensure your beneficiaries are taken care of?

What is probate and how might it affect your estate?

How do you choose an executor? What are the responsibilities of an executor?

If you own a small business, how does the business transition efficiently to someone within or outside your family?

How do you pass the family farm on to the next generation? How would the transfer work if more than one child wishes to continue farming? How do you ensure children working off the farm are treated fairly?

It is the second marriage for you and your spouse and you both have children from a previous marriage. Should something happen to you, how do you ensure your children and spouse are taken care of according to your wishes?

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